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Design Ideas

Billboards are highly effective marketing mediums that are working for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Most small business owners don't realize that billboards are less expensive than print ads and reach a wider demographic. When designing a billboard campaign, keep in mind the location and the type of billboard to get the most out of your advertising.

Billboard Design

Use both words and pictures to make your point. Most billboards are in places to capture the attention of auto traffic. Because of this it needs to get the message across in a simple effective way that not only intrigues customers but lets them know how to get to you. Use colors that evoke positive emotional reactions in people. Bright happy color combinations that aren't too distracting are best, such as blue and white, or yellow with black trim. Use colors that are seen at various times of the day since the billboard will be working morning, noon and night.

What is Your Message?

Products and services that promote positive things elicit positive responses from consumers. This is an area of advertising that cannot be too edgy to be effective. Use a good tag line that doesn't get diluted with lots of words or too many other elements working in the billboard. As with all smart advertising campaigns, less is more and works best with an intriguing picture and a simple sentence followed by the company logo or contact. You should be able to state your message within no more than five lines. Keep the font large and readable from a distance and make sure that the billboard does not split the design thus compartmentalizing different plausible interpretations. Most of all, capture your company essence in a phrase. A billboard doesn't requires grammatical polish. A catchy phrase may be enough.